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Beer on tap

Moo Brew Pilsner

5% ABV | This iconoclastic Czech-style Pilsner has a noble hop aroma and delicate malt flavour. While it tastes like a traditional Pilsen, this Pilsner uses German Spalt hops to achieve its unique aroma and lingering bitterness. Brewed in Tasmania.

Wolf of the Willows XPA - Extra Pale Ale

4.7% ABV | Extra pale in colour with Extra hop aroma and flavour. Passionfruit, citrus and tropical fruits are supported by a subtle, biscuity malt and a soft, round bitterness. Easy, flavoursome drinking for the hop lover.

Hop Nation The Heart Pale Ale

4.6% ABV | At the heart of our Footscray brewery is definitely this Pale Ale. Pouring a golden straw colour with a lacing head. Floral and citrus hop aromas make of an inviting and crisp take on this infamous style.

Fixation Obession Session IPA

4.6% ABV | An easy drinking, hoppy ale. Flavour, with drinkability. Obsession is made with the finest ingredients, it is the tasty little sibling in our family of beers. Jammed full of US hops for flavour, aroma & character. Since it’s release in late 2017, Obsession has taken out Gold medals in all major beer awards so far! Life is short - drink fresh!

Wolf of the Willows IPA 'Homage'

6.2% ABV | India Pale Ale, or IPA, is the world’s most popular style of craft beer. To us that’s not surprising considering it’s one of our favourite beers to drink. As this IPA pays respect to our love of American West Coast IPAs, and of course the humble hop, we have aptly named this beer 'Homage'. Simco, Amarillo, Ella and Cascade ensure this beer bursts with resin and pine, whilst displaying layers of stone fruit. Pale Ale, Wheat, and Biscuit malts provide a solid malt backbone, whilst some acidulated malt provides a lovely brightness on the palate that enhances the hop flavours. Any true IPA needs a firm bitterness and at 66 IBUs this beer delivers.This is all combined into a neat little 6.2% ABV package. Enjoy.

3 Ravens Juicy IPA

6% ABV | In the endless pursuit of hoppiness, we've taken some quite extreme measures (and hops) to create a fresh new take on the intentionally hazy Vermont-style IPA. We've done without crystal malt and boil hops, relying instead on Australian-grown triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye) and rolled oats, heavy whirlpool and dry hop additions – including one very generous (and hilariously rule-breaking) dry hop addition at the start of fermentation. A cult line-up of Hallertau Blanc, Moutere, El Dorado, Lemon Drop hops deliver intense aromatics of candied lemon, lime zest, guava, white grape and passionfruit. The inimitable English top-cropping yeast lends peach and apricot esters while transforming the early-dry hop addition into what can only be described as “breakfast juice”. With minimal bitterness and a soft palate courtesy of the protein-rich Triticale and Oats, this is best summed up in one word: Juicy.

Boatrocker House Red Sour - TULIP

6.2% ABV | Our House Red continues to evolve, gaining further complexity with blending session. The Soléra method we employ takes approximately 2/3 of the barrel for blending (sometimes more sometimes less, depending on blend ratios) and then topping up the remainder of the barrel with fresh wort.

3 Ravens Tropical Fruit Cup Gose

3.5% ABV | Inspired by everyone’s favourite thirst quencher, we squeezed everything into this cup. Passionfruit, pineapple, lemon and orange as well as fruity Strata hops and sea salt to create an incredibly bright, fruity and refreshing spin on our Original Sour Beer. We used the great taste of real fruit to make the beer that you like best.

2 Brothers Grizz Red Ale

5.7% ABV | Grizz is a full bodied amber ale showcasing fresh American hops from the Yakima Valley (Washington State). The inspiration for this beer was Mac N Jack's Amber - a Seattle staple draught offering that is rarely found outside of the Puget Sound region of Washington State. A beer Andrew came to love and one that justified the need to build a brewery in Melbourne. Grizz American Amber is made with more than one pound of hops per US beer barrel - hopefully you'll appreciate this in the glass. We think it's a great year round draught beer for those who appreciate big American ales.

Young Henrys Motorcycle Oil

5.5% ABV | Young Henrys Motorcycle Oil is a smooth, hoppy, black beer with mild bitterness, roughly based on a hopped-up American porter. Originally brewed as a small batch in 2017 it’s back in black by popular demand, bigger and bolder as this year’s YH Winter release. Best served loud.

Carlton Draught

4.6% ABV

Beer Bottles & cans

Kung Foo Rice Lager (Can)

4.6% ABV | What on Earth were we thinking? We were thinking climate change, extra hot summers and beer gardens. Kung Foo is super light and clean in flavour, but with more character than your commercial "blonde" and "dry" lagers. In order to achieve the pale color and light body, we decided to use rice. Kung Foo is fermented with a traditional European lager yeast at cold temperatures, which further helps in producing a clean flavour profile . Foo is then finished with a combination of American and European aroma hops which give the beer a depth which is not incorporated into typical domestic light/dry beers.

Stomping Ground Laneway Lager (Can)

4.7% ABV | Named after Melbourne's famous laneways, our crisp German-style lager has a gentle bitter finish and is super refreshing.

Vale Lager (Bottle)

4.5% ABV | This is our interpretation of what a new world craft lager should be. Approachable, sessionable, balanced and flavoursome. This beer is filtered for smooth and refreshing crispness with medium carbonation. The 100% malted grain profile is a combination of pilsner, carapils and light munich, whilst the hop bill includes the noble German hop Tettnang, Australian Helga and NZ Pacifica. The sweet malt characters are balanced by the earthy spice and fresh citrus kick and floral notes derived from the hops.

Bridge Road Nitro Mountain Lager (Can)

5% ABV | Designed for winter drinking, this beer has been inspired by the maltier lagers of Europe with a new world twist of aromatic hop aroma and flavour. This beer uses modified European malts to provide more body and flavour than a standard lager and is dry hopped with aromatic new world hop varieties to provide aroma and flavour without overpowering bitterness. NITRO This is the first ever Bridge Road beer to be nitrogenized in pack - The ’Nitro’ gives that creamy mouth feel and fuller body that suits this beer to a tee and the combination with the caramel characters in the malt we used, also brings out a pillowy, crème caramel note, which we love!

Young Henrys The Stayer (Can)

3.5% ABV | A mid-strength lager with a full strength taste. 3.5% Aussie lager for the mates sticking it out until stumps. Soft stone fruit and lychee hop aroma, bright golden body, refreshing with a slightly bitter finish.

Young Henrys Newtowner Pale Ale (Can)

4.8% ABV | Newtowner is a 4.8% beer in the style of a new Aussie pale ale made with Australian Pale and Crystal malts. It is finished with a trio of Australian hops, producing a golden, refreshing beer with a well-rounded malt and hop balance and a slightly dry finish. Perfect for Newtowners to enjoy this summer.

Fixation Squish IPA (Can)

5.9% ABV | Fruity & oh so tasty. Squish is dripping with luscious amounts of blood orange, grapefruit, and Citra, Mosaic & Amarillo hops. Life is short, drink fresh!

Black Hops Hornet IPA (Can)

6% ABV | Dry, angry and bitter, Hornet has some serious sting with a balancing aroma of stone and citrus fruits. This modern IPA drinks with a subtle sweetness and a sturdy presence of hop bitterness.

Bad Shepherd Passionfruit Sour (Can)

4% ABV | We lovingly hand-poured 300kg of fresh passionfruit pulp into the fermenter to make this beer. The result is a highly quaffable kettle-soured ale with a mouth-puckering tartness and a juicy tropical passionfruit aroma.

Boatrocker Life Is Peachy Sour (Can)

4% ABV | A Peach and Bergamot Sour. 200kgs of white peaches went into this brew with Bergamot puree.
$14.5 unavailable

La Sirene Citray Sour (Can)

4.5% ABV | Sour Farmhouse Ale brewed with local hops, house yeast, house lactobacillus and oranges

Bodriggy Fuzzy Dance Explosion Sour (Can)

4% ABV | Hazy & tangy, this soured tropical ale dances across the pallete bursting with candied mango and pineapple tones while a subtle kveik yeast funk provides the bassline.

3 Ravens Espresso Quarantini (Can)

4% ABV | An easy-drinking brown porter featuring lightly roasted, toasted and caramelised malts and infused with espresso-roast coffee. Dark Agave Syrup adds a light caramel and a hint of fruitiness. Vic Secret and Mosaic hops are used for complimentary herbal spice and berry notes, and the beer is fermented with a fruity English yeast on french oak chips, contributing cherry and vanilla.

Exit Brewing Milk Stout (Can)

5.2% ABV | 2019 AIBA Trophy Winner for Best Stout. Slightly Sweet stout. Rich milk chocolate & vanilla bean aroma. Smooth mouthfeel, velvety cocoa, vanilla & toffee with espresso on finish, Contains lactose.


Try these fun & fresh versions. If you have a classic favourite, let us know. If you insist on an Espresso-fucking-Martini, we can make that too. We use the good stuff - cocktails are a great way to enjoy back bar & top shelf products!

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