Mr Yum helps you decide what to order.

Beautiful, mobile menus with photos of every dish, ingredient definitions and language translations.
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Menus are confusing.

What's the portion size? What does it look like? What's this ingredient?Mr Yum puts an end to...
online stalking

Online stalking

Playing an investigative matching game between the menu in front of you and Instagram food images.

Ingredient confusion

Not recognising half the ingredients on a dish… Like... milk crumb??
food perv

Food perving

Creepily scanning the room to see what other people’s food looks like.

Same boring order

Always ordering same damn thing because you’re worried about trying something you'll regret. "F**k it, I’ll just get the avo on toast”.
same boring order
food envy

Food envy

Getting FOMO when the food arrives because your friend ordered something way better than you.

People are visual, menus should be too!
Let's make ordering easy.

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