Split & Pay -
settle bills with ease

Spend less time settling & splitting bills and more time on offering amazing food and service.

Take the hassle out of payments

Our latest product Split & Pay lets you maintain a traditional service experience while offering a simplified payment process for your guests. Save your staff precious time settling bills and help your guests split their bill with ease - no apps required.

See how it works:

Guests order via your staff as per usual and at anytime they can scan a QR code to view the bill from their mobile.
The bill is pulled directly from your Point of Sale so there’s no manual entry (no mobile menu required).
Your guests can choose to pay the bill in full, split evenly, pay for selected items or a custom amount via their preferred payment method.
The checkout experience captures your customers' details when their bill is paid giving you valuable customer data.

Split the bill, pay the bill - their way

Allow guests to quickly split the bill by a percentage, item or custom amount and make payments their way including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay and use partial cash payments and vouchers. Simple!

Select items

Say goodbye to a manual calculator. Guests can select their items from the list and pay separately.

Split evenly

Allow your guests to make things super simple and hit 'split evenly' for an even split.

Custom amount

Guests can choose a custom amount to pay with the amount remaining displayed clearly.

Increase tips & keep staff happy 

Allow each individual guest to show their appreciation for your amazing service every time. Make your staff happier because more tips = more happy staff.

Increase tips

Using our Order & Pay product our venues have seen an increase in tip size more than their traditional payment methods like Eftpos and Cash. You can expect the same with Split & Pay.

No queues, no stress

Settling the bill can be an annoyance for your team and disrupt the flow near your place of checkout when everyone wants to pay at once.

'Check please' just got an upgrade

No more having your guests awkwardly waving their hands in the air for you to bring their bill. Allow them to pay as soon as they're ready with Split & Pay.

Guests order via traditional service

Keep your traditional service method and allow your guests to order via your waitstaff, they can settle the bill without even having to ask.

Scan via QR code at table

You can choose from our premium range of QR code table placements.

Flexible QR code options

If you prefer to have your guests scan a business card or the bill itself to arrange payment we offer this option too.

Get to know your customers better

Our payments screen allows you to capture and harness valuable customer data to give you deeper insights on your customer base.

Get guest names + emails + order details

Get to know your clientele on a deeper level by collecting valuable data and using it to communicate to and reward loyal customers.

Plugs directly into your CRM or loyalty system

Plug your customer lists direct into your CRM and/or loyalty system including our very own Boomerang so you can make the most of repeat customers.

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How does Split & Pay stack up?

Split & Pay
Order & Pay

Integration with POS

Supports Apple Pay + Google Pay

Supports Afterpay - buy now pay later

Allows bills to be split evenly, by item, or as a percentage

Paid at individual level already

Integration with CRM + Loyalty systems

Mobile enabled no app required (IOS + Android)

Add tip functionality

Mobile visual menu

Optional add-on (unable to order or re-order)

Increase average order size with upsell + cross sell

Relies on your staff to do this

Easily manage dietary requirements

Relies on your staff to do this