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QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal

This beautifully crafted, unaged Mezcal (Joven) is made in Santiago Matatlán by Carlos Méndez. Méndez comes from prime Mezcal stock; his family has produced the spirit for six generations and that experience has led to this bold and complex offering with intensely smoky, spicy, roasted agave flavours and a long floral and peppery finish that is characteristic of the lowland Espadín agave. Matatlán is QuiQuiRiQui’s classic, (and highly mixable) house-style Mezcal. In the mouth it is wonderfully smooth and mouth-filling with flavours of toffee apple, wood smoke and cocoa butter, as well as something citrus/briny, and that juicy, peppery finish characteristic of Matatlán-grown Espadín. Having matured for at least seven years, the Espadín agave is locally harvested with the hearts (piñas) traditionally roasted in fire pits for three to five days, before crushing via tahona (stone wheel). Fermentation occurs outside in tinas, or oak vats, relying only on natural airborne yeasts. The final process is a double-distillation in small copper stills. Each roast produces around 1,000 litres of evocative, smoke-wreathed agave spirit. This is a full-flavoured, balanced Mezcal that is perfect as a house pour or for cocktails. With an ABV of 45%, it’s got, we think, an extra depth and intensity than most house/pouring Mezcals out there (at 40%). And while it has the purity and balance to be sipped neat, the depth guarantees that it’s a killer base for mixed drinks. Try it in a Tommy’s Margarita or an Oaxaca Old Fashioned.




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