Greens 4.9
Poached Egg 3.0
Fermented Cashew Cheese 4.0
Wild Caught Salmon 7.9
Nitrate Free Bacon 6.5
Grilled Chicken 6.5
Kraut 3.5
Seed Crackers 4.0
Avocado 4.5
Pork Belly 8.5
Hummus 4.0
Slice of Toast 3.5

Kids Menu

7am - 3pm
Kids Eggs on Toast
Two eggs (anyway) with house gluten free sourdough or sprouted quinoa toast + add 1 slice bacon 3.5 7.9
Kids Avocado on Toast
Avocado on house gluten free sourdough or sprouted quinoa toast + add poached egg 3.05.9
Kids Grilled Chicken
Served with daily salad 8.9
Kids Chocolate Plant Cake
Plant based chocolate pancake, coconut ice cream, banana, maple syrup & chocolate sauce11.9

Signature Drinks

7am- 4pm
Bone broth, turmeric, secret spices & lemon + add collagen 2.06.5
Sherpa Coffee
Blended Espresso, Cultured Grass-Fed Butter & Mct Oil + Add Collagen 2.06.5
Plant Power Sherpa
Blended Espresso, Almond Butter & Mct Oil + Add Medicinal Mushroom 2.06.5
Golden Latte
Turmeric, ginger, black pepper & raw honey + add MCT oil 2.06.5
Matcha Latte
Ground green tea, maca powder & raw honey + add MCT oil 2.06.5
Dandy Jing Latte
Dandelion, chicory root & jing medicinal herbs and mushroom blend with a side of raw honey + add MCT oil 2.06.5

Hot Drinks

7am - 4pm
Organic Coffee
Cappuccino, flat white, latte, piccolo, macchiato, mocha4
Single Origin
Espresso, ristretto, long black4
Cold Brew Coffee
Infused for 24hrs & served over ice5
Chai Latte
Spiced Indian masala tea with a side of raw honey | add espresso shot4.5
Hot Chocolate
Blend of 50% cacao & coconut sugar | add medicinal mushrooms4.5
Served with unhomogenised full cream or low-fat milk | almond milk, coconut milk or coco/almond milk +1.0 | large, extra shot, decaf or rice malt syrup +0.5


7am - 4pm
Peppermint leaves4
Chamomile flower, linden flower, lavender flower.4
Sencha Green
Steamed green tea leaves4
French Grey
Black Ceylon orange pekoe tea leaf, bergamot essential oil, rose petal, lavender flower, orange4
English Breakfast
Black Ceylon orange pekoe tea leaf4
Rise & Shine
Lemon myrtle leaf, lemongrass, liquorice root, ginger root4


7am - 4pm (Served on Coconut Water)
Green Machine
Baby spinach, greens powder, avocado & raw honey + add MCT oil 2.09.9
Salted Caramel
Banana, almond butter, sea salt & dates + add espresso shot 0.59.9
Berry Power
Mixed berries, banana, lemon & raw honey + add pea protein 2.09.9
Tropical Bliss
Mango, pineapple, banana & raw honey + add MCT oil 2.09.9
Kids Smoothies
Blended coconut ice cream & coconut syrup with your choice of milk & one of the following: banana, chocolate, berry7.9

Cold Drinks

7am - 4pm
Kombucha On Tap
Ask our staff for the weekly selection7.5
Fresh Coconut
Freshly opened chilled coconut7.5
Parkers Sparkling
Sparkling water with natural fruit juice: pink lemonade, passionfruit, or mango & orange5.9
Beloka Sparkling Water
Natural lightly sparkling water from the snowy mountains4.5
Still Love Water
Naturally alkaline water infused with the frequency of love4.5
Healthy Humans Fermented Botanical
Apple pie soda, ginger beer or mint cola6
Nectar Cold Pressed Juices
Sweet cheeks, orange, eagle eye or green with envy6.9
Kreol Prebiotic Sparkling Drink
Mango-lime-turmeric or passionfruit & orange6.5


Whey protein powder2
Pea protein powder2
Medicinal mushrooms2
MCT oil2
Greens powder2
Coconut ice cream2
Espresso shot2
Almond butter2

Extra Info

Restaurant Surcharges
A surcharge of 10% applies on sunday & 1.5% surcharge on all credit cards
Did You Know?
~ All of our meat is grass fed. ~ All of our seafood is wild caught & sustainable. ~ We use a 5-stage reverse osmosis filter + a remineralisation stage for our water.

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