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Aperitivos - Pre Dinner
A selection of aperitivos aimed to stimulate the palate and a tribute to the Italian influnece on Argetina’s heritageGlass | Jug (serves 4)
Aperol Spritz On tap. Aperol, Prosecco, orange, soda15 | 58
Campari Served how you like it. On ice, with soda or orange juice. Negroni..?9 | 18
Deleite Rojo Miro Rojo vermouth & blood orange sparkling10 | -
Arancia Tonica Rossa Amara blood orange liquor & tonic10 | -
Miro Rojo / Blanco / Paco & Pérz Spanish red, white or olive infused Spanish vermouth, served over ice9 | 11
Coctéles - Cocktails
Pisco Sour The 100-year-old South American classic. Pisco Quebranta, lemon, sugar, bitters, and egg white. Shaken, served straight up.19
Ponche Palermo Dry gin, sloe and mulberry gin, Campari, rose syrup and grapefruit, served over crushed ice. Palermo’s pucker punch.20
Hermano del Norte Argentina’s brother from the north, with a kick. Tromba tequila, Piattelli Torrontes, pineapple juice, agave nectar, lime and fresh jalapeños. Spice up your life!18
Cerechino Winter is coming, and this one’s on ice. Cherry liqueur, Belvedere vodka, lemon, chocolate bitters and eggwhite.18
Cacho Castaña The outspoken young gentleman - with his sazerac. Hennessey VS, Glenmorangie whiskey, absinth rinse, sugar and bitters.22

Carlos Gardel

$90 Per Person - Minimum 2 People


$110 Per Person - Minimum 6 People

Soho Lunch

3 Courses for $30
Soho Lunch

Soho Lunch

Choose from the Chefs selection of mains and sides
Set menus are subject to changes dependant on availability of produce

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