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The Pav Is Ours Pavlova Pale Ale 330ml Cans
Fresh from the pour vanilla is the first cab off the rank. Following closely behind is a veritable hummer limousine of fruity characters. Soft strawberry with the dual twang of passionfruit and kiwi fruit. There is little to no malt or yeast present on the nose but the subtle tropical notes from the US hops lets you know this is beer. The combination of fruit and vanilla is masterful, with the sweet vanilla and strawberry offsetting the mild acidity from the passion and kiwi fruits. The mouthfeel is initially moderate but as the body thins out the malt character brings in subtle baked notes. I won’t insult your intelligence to suggest that they are meringue like but in the pantheon of flavours, they’re not too far off.
$20 | $95