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Beer Malt

💚 Laneway Lager

4.7%. Helles Lager. Bready + Floral + Clean Pronounced “hell-us”, and meaning “light one” (colour), this crisp golden german-style lager is very refreshing, sessionable and served directly from one of our tanks.

💛 German Pils

5.2%. German Pilsner. Bready + Floral + Herbal A crisp, dry pilsner in the German tradition. Moderate bitterness and sweer bready malt characters balance against light citrus and floral hop aromas

💛 Hanging Rauch

5.0%. Rauchbier. Smoke + Beechwood + Toast Our brewers use almost 50% German smoked malt from Bamberg in the grain bill. This specialty malt imparts a campfire-like beechwood smoke character to the beer. Secondary caramel, biscuit and toasty malt flavours sit behind the smoke to add complexity. Served at 9°c.

💛 Upside Down

5.2%. English Brown Ale. Nutty + Caramel + Toast The classic English style brown ale is a moreish sipper with malty hints of caramel, nuts and milk chocolate complimented by light hop floral notes. Served at 9°c.


5.8%. Nitro Coffee Cream Ale. Coffee + Cream + Caramel A coffee ale inspired by the sweet coffee found in Vietnam, Ka-Phe. Made with the finest specialty english malts and lactose for a creamy texture. Served at 9°c.

💛 Bearbrass

4.5%. Nitro Milk Stout. Silky + Espresso + Chocolate A sweet, medium-bodied, slightly roasty and simply delicious stout with suggestions of coffee-and-cream emanating from the lactose and oats employed. It is named after one of melbourne’s early names and served at 9°c.

Beer Hops

💚 Gipps St

5.2%. American Pale Ale. Tropical + Pine + Tangerine Named after the street in melbourne we call home, this gold medal winner has serious personality; A classic American pale ale showcasing tropical fruit and pinry hop character with a assertive bitterness and malt backbone.

💚 Little Foot

3.6%. Session IPA. Citrus + Tropical + Mandarin This session IPA has tropical fruit and oranfe citrius hop aromas and flavours. A pleasant hop bitterness is backed up by a solid malt body for this low ABV IPA

💚 Crosstown XPA

4.3%. XPA. Tropical + Citrus + Melon Pale in colour and with tropical fruit hop character in abundance, Crosstown XPA is a unifying crowd-pleaser, whichever side of the divide you reside

💛 Cold Hard IPA

4.5%. Session IPA. Tropical + Coconut + Melon (Staff Pick) A mammoth collaboration between Globe, Fast Times & Stompo, This cold hard session IPA kickflips you in the mouth wuith bursts of melon, coconut and a tropical juicy body

💛 Pridelweiss

4.4% Australian Wheat Ale. Melon + Citrus + Pepper This Aussie wheat ale is full of tropical and citrus characters balanced by a slight spice reminiscent of white pepper. this special release brew supports midsumma festival and their futures mentoring program.

💛 Hop Stomper

6.0%. West Coast IPA. Citrus + Pine + Grass Inspired by the old hop baling technique, this west coast IPA is packed full of pine and resin character. Finishing with a firm bitterness, expect citrus and grassy aromas.

💛 Hatchpot

7.5%. IPA. Grapefruit + Mandarin + Dank Our take on a classic American IPA, this interpretation possesses a clean malt bill with some light caramel bite to balance the assertive bitterness. All-American Pacific Northwest hops give this beer big, bold flavours of pine

💛 G'Day G'Day IPA

6.6%. Australian IPA. Passionfruit + Stonefruit + Pine This all Aussie hopped IPA was brewed for beer deluxe’s hopquest event. we give a nod to iconic Australian hops we all know and love; galaxy, topaz and ella, packing a punch of tropical and stonefruit juiciness rounded out with a touch of pine

Beer Yeast

💚 Key Lime Smash

💚 Key Lime Smash

4.2%. Fruit Sour. Lime + Zesty + Tart This limited edition smash is packed with real lime and a splash of lactose to give it a creamy mouthfeel reminiscent of key lime pie. yum!
💚 Strawberry Daiquiri Smash

💚 Strawberry Daiquiri Smash

4.1%. Fruit Sour. Strawwberry + Rum + Creamy A collaboration with our mates from the union house and plantation rum. we teamed up to bring you this juicy treat bursting with strawberry flavour, balancing rum notes and a creamy mouthfeel brought to you by added lactose!

💛 Houblon Saison

6.4%. Hoppy Saison. Pepper + Melon + Herbal A “new world” saison brewed with punchy west coast American hops and a new saison yeast from fermentis. A hoppy take on an old classic.

❤️ Belgian Golden Strong Ale

9.8%. Belgian Golden Strong Ale. White Pepper + Lemon Zest + Caramel This belgian ale presents light straw coloured with a tall bright white foam. aromas of spice, lemon zest and banana coupled with bready pilsner malt and sweet alcohol balance

❤️ 'ITW' Belgian Dark Strong Ale

10.6%. Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Candy + Toffee + Spice Into the wood - a rich and complex strong ale eminating aromas/flavours of toffee, caramel, bread crust and candy with a specialised westmalle yeast throwing an aromatic white pepper and floral note to the finish. served at 9°c.

❤️ 'ITW' Wild Blend No.1

6.2% Lambic Style Blend. Funky + Tart + Earthy Into the wood - fermented with brettanomyces and aged in pinot noir and shiraz barrels, this blend of one, two and three-year-old lambic-style beers delivers a bright acidity against delicious farmyard funk and an earthy dry finish.

❤️ 'ITW' Brett Belgian Rye Ale

6.7%. BA Belgian Rye Ale. Woody + Brett + Earthy This addition to our into the wood line is a complex belgian style rye ale aged in pinot noir barrels from Mt Macedon. With a mild acidity, this complex, earthy ale gives off a subtle orange character with a dry finish. served at 9°c.

Mixed Selection

Core Selection (Mixed Six)
Not sure what to try? Choose six 100ml tasters of any of our tap beers. - Laneway - Little Foot - Gipps St - Hop Stomper - Upside Down - Bearbrass22
Cicerone Selection (Mixed Six)
Not sure what to try? Choose six 100ml tasters of any of our tap beers. - Rua - Market Saison - Hatchpot - Bunker - Red Moon IPA - Robert26

Soft Drinks

Liberty Kombucha
Capi Sparkling

HXH Boilermaker

HXH Boilermaker
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