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Matcha Favourites

MF Sides

Mash Potato + Gravy (NF)5
Kholrabi & Vinegar Slaw (NF)4
Mac N Cheese (NF)6

DIY Bowls

DIY Bowls

DIY Bowls

Pick 5 of your favourite whole foods + a sauce Additional items +$4 (Our staff favourite meals are to pick and choose items from longevity bowls and make our own! We thought you might like to do the same thing.)
Plant Based Whole Foods:
Miso Rice 
Matcha Infused Quinoa 
Gluten Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi
 Baked Pumpkin 
 Baby Spinach Broccoli 
 Caramelised Brussel Sprouts 
 Zucchini Noodles
 Burnt Eggplant Dip 
 Scrambled Tofu 
 Fermented Kraut
+ Sauce
Nut Free Pesto 
Chilli Oil 
Yuzu Tahini 
Roasted Capsicum Dressing


Falafel Hashbrown (GF) 6
Potato & Leek Rosti (GF)6
Truffle Roasted Mushrooms (GF) 5
Heirloom Tomatoes (GF)5
Tossed Dark Leafy Greens (GF)6
Konjac Bacon 6
Half Avocado (GF) 6
Vegan Butter (GF)1
Two Slices of Sourdough Toast 6
Crispy Chicken Schnitzel 6
Popcorn Jackfruit Chicken 7
Corn & Zucchini Fritters (GF) 6
Caramelised Brussel Sprouts (GF)5

Thanks A Lattes

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

coconut/soy/almond milk


barista’s choice of 4 mini lattes
Mushroom & Date Latte
chaga mushroom, vanilla essence, cacao, soy mylk, coconut nectar An ancient chinese herbal medicine that strengthens the immune system7
Blue Algae Latte (Smurf)
live e3 algae, pineapple, ginger, almond mylk, coconut nectar Live e3 blue majik, coconut mylk, coconut nectar, lemon grass & ginger9
Charcoal Latte
activated charcoal, cacao, mesquite, maca, date, soy mylk A mood balancing peruvian blend high in potassium, calcium & iron, an amazing detoxifier8
Spiced Beetroot Latte
beetroot, cardamom, star anise, clove, orange, chocolate, coconut blossum, coconut mylk A root vegetable that detoxifies and fights inflammation7
Turmeric Latte
golden grind turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, coconut mylk A super spice that boots immunity, energy & gut health7
Almond Butter Cacao Latte
mork dark chocolate, natural almond butter, almond mylk [add salted caramel +$1] A naturally fermented bean that increases bliss & energises energises6.8
Chai Latte
indian spiced house made chai, original almond mylk Indian spices that work in synergy to calm and restore your body6
Apple Pie Latte
house made apple cider, apple pie spice, cinnamon [add whipped cream +2.5] A pre-biotic that aids digestion and enhances good bacteria7
Purple Peanut Butter Latte
peanut butter, acai, purple corn, soy mylk, dates A mix of high protein, high in vitamin a & c, prized for its high antioxidant levels8.5
add a shot of espresso to any latte +$2 add turmeric to any latte +$2 add salted caramel to any latte +$1


Free The Nibs
natural almond or natural peanut butter, cacao powder, cacao nibs, maca, plant protein, banana, dates, almond mylk add espresso +212
Jim From American Pie's Apple Pie Smoothie
apple, apple cider, oat milk, cinnamon, almond butter, banana, date, biscuit crumble, whipped cream12.5
If You Know Any Vegetable Puns Lettuce Know
avocado, spinach, banana, kale, strawberry, apple cider vinegar, matcha, coconut nectar, coconut mylk14
Man-Go Wild For You
Mango, white chocolate, coconut flesh, banana, dates, vanilla, coconut mylk, served in a coconut 14
A-Cai You, Looking At Me
açai, banana, peanut butter, cacao powder, almond mylk, plant protein powder, vanilla 12
ADD turmeric, plant protein or espresso +$2


Ixcel My Bell
turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, salt, coconut nectar, MCT oil6
All Is Well Sofia
turmeric, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, pepper, salt, coconut nectar, MCT oil6

Extra Info

GF - Gluten Friendly | GFO - Gluten Friendly Option
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