Kopi Pancakes

Kopi Pancakes

Homemade kopi pancakes, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, palm sugar syrup
Ropang Jupiter

Ropang Jupiter

Ropang [toast] with purple sweet potato + taro syrup, vanilla ice cream, pink latte jam
Ropang Classic
Toasted brioche ropang topped with chocolate and cheese.10
+ Chili Matah / Chili Taichan / Shallot Salsa1
+ Fried Egg / Poached Egg / Hash3
+ Bacon / Corned Beef4
+ Smoked Salmon / Haloumi4.5
+ Fried Chicken / Pork Belly / Spicy Beef6

Extra Info

* are reccommended dishes
Non spicy shalsa (shallot salsa) is available to swap with our chilies.
Please note that some dishes may contain ingredients that are not listed above. Please check with our staff if you have any specific dietary restriction.

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