Ribs & Combos

All our ribs, steaks and chickens are grilled on an open flame. Served with your choice of chips, baked potato, house slaw or upgrade to sweet potato chips or garlic roasted potatoes

Cooking Temperature

Sealed on the outside while steak is at room temperature. Completely red throughout. Suggested cut: Eye Fillet
Cooked for approx two minutes on each side. Meat is warm throughout, still very bloody. Suggested cut: Eye Fillet & Sirloin
Medium Rare
Centre is very pink, slightly brown toward the exterior. Completely heated throughout. Suggested cut: Sirloin, T-Bone & Rump
Thin line of pink through the center surrounded by grayish-brown that darkens toward the exterior. Suggested cut: T-Bone, Rump, Rib Eye
Medium Well
It has a golden-brown exterior and grayishbrown interior, slightly pink in the centre. Suggested cut: Rib Eye, T-Bone
Well Done
Very firm with little juice, grey throughout. Suggested cut: Any steak on a bone & Rib Eye

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