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3 Course, at home DEXTER experience

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Dexter Date Night (week 12) DenDeke Colab JAPANESE BBQ
We have teamed "DenDeke" to create this weeks Date Night Menu on the theme of Japanese BBQ! DenDeke (located on Plenty Road, Preston) are a retro Japanese Izakaya known for their classic Izakaya style dishes and delicious Sochu and Sake fuelled cocktails. As usual, we will do the leg work to create a 3 course menu of delicious BBQ, ready to cook at home! Snack: BBQ Duck 'Snack' Ramen Delicious broth made from pork, roasted duck bones, kombu and bonito. Seasoned with a duck tare and served with confit duck, smoked eggs, wheat noodles and steamed baby bok choy. Cold Starter: Chilled bonito poached chicken breast, ponzu and wasabi Main: Chargrilled striploin steak, trimmed lean with smoked oyster sauce. Served with soy pickled shitake mushrooms and koji and wasabi leaf butter Side Dish: Spinach Ohitashi, raw onion salad w, Katsubushi, steamed rice We have done all of the leg work for this dinner, although you will be given a set of instructions to follow is order to heat and plate this feast (as as always)! Note: The only 'cooking' element will be the steak, so you must have access to a BBQ and or a stove top to complete this dinner! Aaron from DenDeke has created a beautiful cocktail list which see some Japanese twists to some classic western cocktails! He has also included a couple of his favourite bottles of Sake and a Sake Flight to complement the food, which shouldn't be missed! OPTIONAL DESSERTS: Milk and Cookies Dessert Hot 'out of the oven' chocolate chip cookies with milk ice-cream +$8pp Yuzu Cheese Cake, matcha crumb +$8pp Yuzu and Sake Sorbet 500ml Tub +17.50 We only have 150 portions this week, so get in quick!

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DenDeke Cocktails / Sake

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Dexter Date Night (week 11) BURGER NIGHT
3 courses of delicious BBQ, ready to cook at home!
Available Friday 18th of September and Saturday the 19th of September

This weeks menu: Burger Night!

Hot meat donuts! 2 per person, served with a smoked capsicum hot sauce

Brown Onion Poutine
Thick cut chips with a rich brown onion gravy

Dry Aged Cheeseburger
10Wk aged Rib-eye cap pattie, special sauce, dexter house pickles, milk bun

Tangy Vinegar Slaw

We have done all of the leg work, however, you will have to channel your inner BBQ hero to complete this delicious dinner. Step by step instructions will be provided to help you through it all, you got this!

45pp for 3 courses

+8pp for Milk and Cookies Dessert.