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Senior Product Manager

As a product-led business, the product manager at Mr Yum is critical to the success of the team. You will ensure that customer-facing teams truly have a product team they can lean on.

Hi, we're Mr Yum 👋

Hospitality & entertainment are tough industries where margins are slim and even more challenging now through COVID. We started Mr Yum at the end of 2018 to help venues make the numbers work. Our product is a QR code visual menu, ordering, payment platform with options for dine-in orders, pickup takeaway and delivery. Mr Yum empowers businesses to own and understand their customers, increase spend and allow their staff to focus on meaningful interactions rather than transactional ones.

In 2020, we grew 25x, found product market fit, built a trusted brand and proved out strong unit economics. Read more at our Mr Yum 2020 Recap

With your help, we have ambitious goals to scale the business (locally & internationally!) this year by building the most beautiful, powerful tools for our customers. Our B2B customers range from national venue groups including Australian Venue Co, airports, stadiums all the way to boutique hotels and family-run restaurants.

Our team is made up of over 40 kind and driven humans working out of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and The Philippines.

About the position

As a product-led business, the product manager at Mr Yum is critical to the success of the team! We want to protect our supportive culture between teams, always ensuring that customer-facing teams truly have a product team they can lean on.

Our superpower at Mr Yum is this super close relationship between product and non-product teams. Our internal team is our number 1 customer for a product manager, prioritised ahead of venues. We want to stand out by doing what we say - being transparent and clear with customers on our product roadmap. Under-promise and over-deliver.

You'll be working most closely with Kim (our CEO and product owner), Andrei (our CTO), Daragh (Product Manager) and our passionate team of software developers.


The day to day tasks of this role involve:

  • Be the gel between the product team and the non-product team. This is our super power at Mr Yum so keeping this tight is a huge priority.
  • Schedule tasks into sprints with feedback based on the roadmap, in collaboration with Kim & Andrei
  • Ensuring on-time delivery of tasks in a sprint, and adjusting sprint tasks and timelines as needed
  • Manage the feature scoping process - from "idea" phase, stakeholder engagement, UX wire-framing, and design; through to creating and delivering tasks.
  • Facilitating high developer effectiveness, by ensuring tasks are well-defined ahead of time. This includes facilitating scoping and kick-off sessions, organising designs, and creating tasks
  • Write internal and externally-facing walkthroughs and how-to docs and facilitating handover between the product and integrations teams.
  • Ensure every product-related issue is logged, prioritised, closed out and communicated to customer (could be via AM or support). This may become a different role in the end but it is really important for the PM to know the quality of the work being deployed.
  • First point of contact for feature requests - understand why this is required and how many venues would benefit from this.
  • Communicate product updates to the team, including hosting product demos for big features; communicate product updates to customers and work with marketing and the venue comms team.
  • Provide relevant product roadmaps to the sales and accounts teams, so they can excite and prepare customers.
  • Have an eye on competitive products in market to ensure the Mr Yum product remains differentiated, and best in the market.

If we'd worked with you in the past 6 weeks, you would have been involved with:

If we'd worked with you in the past 8 weeks, you would have been involved with:

  • Launched Australia's first Tab feature before Christmas, in-time for functions
  • Lead the collaboration of a 3, 6, 12 month product roadmap
  • Reviewed and improved our exisitng product management systems, processes and communciation flows - there would be some low hanging fruit here!
  • Kicked off a couple of beta programs and partnerships that are under wraps.

Required skills

  • Minimum 5 years experience as a product manager, preferably at a fast growth startup
  • Always a few steps ahead of the team - a proactive approach to product management
  • Loves executing in a fast paced environment
  • Detailed enough to ensure tasks are always crystal clear
  • Great at negotiating based on trade-offs to appropriately prioritise a long list of priorities
  • Communicates in a thoughtful way, to ensure stakeholders have a 'heads up' so expectations are always aligned
  • Able to engage and influence external partners to prioritise you. We do a ton of integrations so this requires working closely with our partners
  • Passionate about product simplicity and good UX.

Nice to have

  • Product management leadership skills
  • SQL & Technical Background
  • Good eye for design
  • Programming skills
  • Ability to use tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude to make data-driven product decisions.


This depends on your experience, but we’re proud to offer competitive salary with ESOP (employee share option plan) to all new hires. For the Melbourne team, our sunny Collingwood office is home to a gym, rooftop, 4 cute office dogs, stocked drinks fridge and the best new equipment to set you up for success. Expect autonomy and responsibility, solving problems you've never imagined even existed, at high pace.

Mr Yum provides 4 weeks paid vacation, flexibility to take extra unpaid leave, and day-to-day work times to suit your routine (most people start around 10am).

Diversity and Inclusion Commitment:

We’re committed to growing and empowering an inclusive Mr Yum community. That’s why we actively encourage applications from applications from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. If you require accessibility assistance at any stage of the process, please let us know.

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