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All Day Breakfast


Caramelised onion2
Sriracha bernaise2
GF bread3
Toast (1)3
An egg poached or fried3
Free range poached chicken5
Free range bacon5
Macadamia feta5
Scrambled egg5
Smoked salmon6

For the Kids

Egg on Toast
An egg their way on toast with bacon9
Souffle Waffle
With espresso-caramel cream and seasonal berries11.5

Extra Info

93 Moor St Fitzroy
7am - 4pm Weekdays, 8am - 4pm Weekends
V - Vegan | VG - Vegetarian | GF - Gluten-free | VGO - Vegetarian option available
Display cabinet fare Please speak to our waitstaff for information about our pastries and cakes.


Black Coffee
Short Black4.2
Short Mac4.2
Long Mac4.2
Batch Brew S/L4.2/5
Long Black S/L4.2/5
Cold Brew5
Filter, (POA/Iced)1
Milk Coffee
Cappuccino S/L4.2/5
Flat White S/L4.2/5
Latte S/L4.2/5
Iced Latte5
Mocha, Iced +0.5 6
Non-caffeinated | All 5.0 / Iced 6.0
Chai latte
Hot chocolate 70% (Mork Chocolate)
Hot chocolate 50% (Hunted + Gathered) 5.5
Housemade caramel latte
Kashaya Latte
Sunny Day
Available Milks
Full Cream Skim Soy +0.5 Oat +0.5 Almond +1.0
Tea | All 4.5
English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Green Tea
Kashaya Tea (ayurvedic elixir)
Lemon and Ginger
Cold Pressed Juices | All 7.5
Carrot & Turmeric
Orange Juice
Cold Drinks
Apple Cider Vinegar Cola5.5
Ginger and Lemongrass5.5
Sparkling Water4.5

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