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Multi-vendor ordering: How our feature drifted into the F1

Photo by Mr Yum, at the F1 in Melbourne, Australia.

Do you ever find it hard deciding on where to order food from? And do you ever have these struggles while being near really low cars travelling at stupidly fast speeds? If you answered yes, then we sure have the case study for you.

Our multi-vendor ordering function made an appearance at the Melbourne F1 in 2022, and it was the perfect event to showcase just what multi-vendor ordering is and what it can do.

What is multi-vendor ordering?

Without being too blunt, multi-vendor ordering is just that; it allows Mr Yum users to simultaneously order from more than one vendor. But the real beauty of multi-vendor ordering becomes apparent when you see it in play at an event like the F1.

Pre-Mr Yum, if an F1 attendee wanted some chippies (french fries for any Americans reading this), gelati and a stroopwafel, they would have had to queue up in three separate lines (boo to that).

With Mr Yum’s multi-vendor ordering, customers can view and order from multiple stalls at once. All they need to do is:

  • Scan a QR code to see the available vendors. 
  • Add their dream selection of items to one cart. 
  • Purchase their food and drinks from multiple vendors in one transaction. 
  • Pick up the items when they’re ready (they’ll receive a text for each).
  • Enjoy their food and drinks!

It’s the perfect setup for when you want to watch people drive instead of queuing up for food – and even better for large families or groups who all want something different.

Sounds cool. Is there value in offering this?

That depends on if you want to place or longingly stare at the podium from a distance. The average spend per customer is higher when they can order from multiple outlets at once, which is excellent news for every vendor present. At the F1, we saw an average spend of $28.38 when customers ordered from one venue, and an average of $51.77 when customers ordered from two venues.

It’s also great for the consumer. The experience of being able to order multiple items in one easy payment is pretty sweet. Who doesn’t want to skip multiple lines and dip chips in their ice cream? (This message was brought to you by the salty-sweet gang.)  

Who can make use of multi-vendor ordering?

The product is not only suited for use around fast cars, although it is a great example. Food truck venues, conventions, festivals, exhibitions and more are ideal settings for multi-vendor ordering. Anywhere with multiple vendors and hungry and thirsty crowds will benefit.

Reading is boring. Can you show me how this works?

Sure can, bucko. Check out our Partner Marketing Manager, Shelley, showing off multi-vendor ordering at the F1 (nice one, Shelley).

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