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Keep guests in the loop with improved Wait Times

Some days, you get slammed. It’s just how things go in hospitality, and often it’s out of our control. However, the way these moments are communicated is something you can own and becomes a make-or-break moment between customers having a positive or negative experience at your venue. This is where Mr Yum’s Wait Times feature comes into play. 

Wait Times lets you notify customers of expected wait times through a menu update. Simply select the new feature from your Mr Yum back-end and apply it to categories (e.g. lunch menu or cocktails) or sections within a category (e.g. starters, mains, desserts). Guests will then see the expected wait time you’ve set before ordering. And if you’re unsure of the wait time, you can set it to display a “longer wait time” message.  

You can also set the period the wait message will show for, so if you foresee a temporary bottleneck, you can have the feature clear at a set time. For example, if you have a backlog of pizza orders, you can set a wait time on the pizza section until 9pm to give you enough time to catch up and take the pressure off. 

This dynamic feature will save your staff time from notifying customers of delays, and it puts the customers in a position where their expectations are set from the start. You can see below how wait times are communicated to guests.

Wait Times on a platter: 

  • Easy to set up and manage with set expiry times  
  • Manages expectations in an easy-to-digest format 
  • Puts a stop to repeat questions on wait times 
  • Creates a positive experience for staff and customers alike
  • Relieves pressure on kitchens

For more information on managing Wait Times, you can read more here.