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Injecting hospitality into those special moments at Mildreds with pay at table

Photo by Mr Yum @ Mildreds

Dominique Fernandes has worked in hospitality for over 20 years, starting as a waiter and working her way up to operations. As Head of Operations for Mildreds in London, Dominique has deployed Mr Yum to improve business three-fold.

“It’s sustainability, which is the most important one,” Dominique said. “We print far less receipts. Normally it’s five per transaction but with Mr Yum it’s none. Secondly is the speed of service. If the guest wants to pay and leave, they can do it quickly. They don’t have to wait for anybody, they can just go. Thirdly is keeping up with the times and staying with technology.”

At Mildreds, Dominique has implemented Mr Yum in two ways: for dynamically updating guests with allergens, and for payments using Split & Pay.

“When they sit down and mention they have an allergen, we point them to the QR code where our menus are live and current and up to date. It’s a very key and important function in our business. It makes them feel comfortable, they don’t need to run around and look for a printed-out menu that may be out of date. 

“The next section where we use Mr Yum is for Split & Pay. If you’re out with a group of friends, you can each pay your own portion very simply, each from your phone. There’s no waiting around for a credit card machine to be passed around to six or seven people. It’s very simple and clean and also super quick, which helps our servers.”

Mr Yum was never an obvious decision for Dominique and her team. Like all hospitality-centric businesses, they were concerned they would lose that intimate connection with their guests.

When we were looking for this type of system, we were a little bit on the fence,” Dominique said. “We were skeptical about how this would affect our hospitality. We’re a very hospitality-driven business and we were concerned we would lose those key moments at the end of the meal where you’re connecting with the PDQ [​​Process Data Quickly] and making eye contact. 

“We’ve worked well with Mr Yum. They’ve offered us solutions and ideas where you could reduce that time. I think it’s a fine balance that we’ve managed to get where we’re still having that quick interaction with the guest where the time is limited or reduced.  

“Mr Yum still allows you to maintain that traditional model, it’s just about making sure your staff are trained. You have a lot of time with your guests and if you are genuinely hospitable, you’ll find that moment.

“Hospitality is the core of everything we do. It’s the reason we come to work. Our guests are here for an experience. Using Mr Yum doesn’t detract from that, it’s just doing hospitality in a different way. We’re still making sure our guests are happy, we’re just not doing it during the awkward one minute we’re they’re putting in their PIN. 

“The Mr Yum team are great to work with. What they said to me in meeting number one is what’s happening, and that doesn’t happen often. They’re engaging, they’re responsive, they listen to what we want, they make sure that their system suits our business. Which in hospitality is very difficult to do because every restaurant is different. 

“Mr Yum makes sure it provides an amazing service to all of our guests. The journey is great, so in that respect I would highly recommend Mr Yum. What our guests like about Mr Yum is its ease of use. They only have to put their phone number in once, if they’re with their friends they can split their bills quickly, it’s very clear - the screens are very easy to use.”

Since the recording of the video Mildred’s has activated Split & Pay and has recorded an increase of customer data acquired by 55%.