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How The Breakfast Club increased average order value by 25-30%

Photo by Mr Yum at The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club have 13 locations across the UK, where they offer up top caf (not cafe) food, drinks and hospitality. They were initially hesitant about bringing technology into their venues but have seen exceptional results since partnering with Mr Yum – we’re talking about a 25-30% increase in average order values. Find out how they did it. 

The background 

It started with the two founders inspired by Cheers (the place where Woody Harrelson knows your name), who promised each other they’d open up somewhere everybody knew your name (minus Woody Harrelson).

Aside from learning names, sustainability and building personal relationships are at the forefront of The Breakfast Club’s values. These values made the group concerned about moving away from traditional service and bringing tech into their sites. 

“We were apprehensive at first, to be honest, because we’re a family-run business still, and we didn’t want to lose that,” said Colin Doyle, Operations Manager at The Breakfast Club. 

Before pulling the trigger, the Breakfast Club spent a long time considering Mr Yum and whether we were right for their business. Not just from a customer standpoint, they wanted someone who fit seamlessly with their current epos Tevalis and other systems. And fortunately, they’ve not looked back since.

“Bringing in more and more tech, I was worried that we’re taking the human side of the business away. It hasn’t had that effect at all,” said Colin. 

Customers love mobile ordering and payment

Since implementing Mr Yum, The Breakfast Club has seen customers enjoy the ability to order and be fed right away. This has freed up their team, who can now focus on hospitality. 

In particular, Colin likes how customers don’t need to spend the last 10 minutes of their dining experience flagging down service so they can pay and leave. 

“Everyone still got their thank yous, everyone still got the big goodbyes without that last 10 minutes of frustration,” said Colin. 

Don’t you (forget about average order values)

Keeping a friendly environment while making the ordering and payment process more manageable is one thing. To have that system improve operations and turnover is another. 

“Our average order value has gone up about 25 to 30% per head. I think there is an element

of the customer having it literally there with pictures, with descriptions, with prompts,” Colin said. 

One of the major perks Colin noticed is that their digital ordering system never has an off day. It’s always there, making recommendations, and making their menu items look good while it’s doing it. As a result, customers are more likely to think ‘go on then’ to themselves and take those cross- and up-sell opportunities.

Working with Mr Yum 

A common theme at the Breakfast Club is its unique vibe. Certain sites are like a Northern Soul club, others like a 60s Austin Powers velvet throwback. The Breakfast Club has a very detailed list of requirements and refuses to change how they operate. 

“We're a bit more needy than probably most of the businesses out there. We didn't believe that they [Mr Yum] could furnish everything we wanted to, and for the most part, they have. Anything they haven't been able to do for us. They're still in programming for us because it's very bespoke for us,” said Colin. 

Of course, that’s a challenge we’re more than happy to take on. And in Colin’s words, “The Mr Yum team are great to work with; they are very responsive to our needs. Mr Yum doesn't have a cookie-cutter approach; here’s the tech, sign up for it – they really adapt to your business. I think they have a room full of programmers somewhere sitting there just answering questions and fixing problems very quickly.”

Check out the video below to learn more about how Mr Yum works at The Breakfast Club.

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