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How advanced order batching has kicked goals for Little Creatures UK

Advanced order batching is a smart feature that we’re immensely proud of. It helps our customers improve service, team efficiency and makes for an all-around better experience for their guests. Of course, we’re pretty excited about all of our features, so we’ll let Little Creatures UK take the reigns on this one to show how better ordering benefited their business.   

The background 

Little Creatures is an Australian craft brewery success story. Originating in Fremantle, Western Australia, the brewery was founded by a group of mates looking to make awesome ales. They started in a former crocodile farm (Australia is great, hey?) and have since become a staple drop for beer lovers worldwide. 

Little Creatures UK opened its doors in London in 2019 to offer an Aussie take on craft beer and food, which is where we come in. Mr Yum helps them deliver better customer service and grow their business through smart features. 

Batching a plan  

Little Creatures UK wanted to offer guests a seamless ordering process without putting extra pressure on their team, so they looked to bring tech like Mr Yum and Lightspeed POS into the venue to help out. 

The feature that has delivered the most impact for them is advanced order batching. Order batching dictates how orders are processed to ensure that teams don’t get slammed with drip-fed orders and guests aren’t staring with glassy eyes as they wait for food and their friends chow down. 

Mr Yum’s advanced order batching feature ensures this is done as smoothly as possible. When guests place an order, the system will batch them into one docket. It will wait until everyone has ordered before sending the docket. Drinks will be prioritised, and food will be scheduled to arrive at the same time. 

It sounds simple, but we’ve all been to venues and dealt with the frustration of being the last to get food or having your drink forgotten. The good news is, if you’re in Regent’s Canal, you won’t have that problem at Little Creatures UK. 

“It’s really had a good impact on service, and it’s much easier for our team to manage a ticket like that. Rather than making eight separate orders and thinking they’re all for different tables, it comes through on one all together. Nice and easy,” says Lion Little World Beverages Sales and Events Manager Chloe Webber.

Lightspeed integration

At Little Creatures UK, our advanced batching is made even more advanced through seamless integration with Lightspeed point of sale (POS). Integrating Mr Yum with the POS saves time and resources for the Little Creatures team, and the combination gives meaning to the lightspeed name. 

“We can take a lot more orders. We’ve definitely seen an increase in the average orders that we have. A HUGE increase,” says Chloe.  

Happy little campers (and creatures)

Opening a business in 2019 came with its fair share of challenges (insert unprecedented times remark). But for Little Creatures, the tech they introduced to their site helped them overcome these hurdles. And advanced batching and our Lightspeed integration played a big part in this.

“Having Mr Yum installed in our venues has been a great help. Where we have been slightly short in the sort of tough periods, it's been like having another person. It takes out that extra element of having another person take all of the orders,” says Chloe. 

And staff love Mr Yum because their tips have gone through the roof, and they’re able to focus on the hospitality side of their jobs. Automating orders and payments gives them more time to spend talking to visitors and making them feel welcome. 

Learn more about how Little Creatures and Mr Yum have succeeded together in the video below.

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