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3 ways to cope when you’re struggling to find good hospitality staff

One of the largest issues facing our industry upon reopening is staff shortages, as many hospitality workers returned to their home countries. If you’re struggling to find great staff, you’re not alone and there is a solution (in fact, there are three!) We’ve boiled down three tips to service more tables and enjoy a successful reopening this summer. 

Here’s 3 ways to source the right staff for your venue this summer:

1. Supp 

Supp’s co-founder (and co-owner of Lune Croissanterie 🥐!) Cam Reid found that staffing was the hardest part about running his venues, and those struggles inspired him to build a platform to make sourcing temp or permanent team members a piece of cake. Supp is now the go-to for over 10,000 hospo professionals, and 1,000 businesses including ST. ALi, Marquis of Lorne, Marta Osteria, Hector’s Deli, Top Shop, and Meatsmith. Check out their 2 minute tutorial and get in touch with their team to learn more about this essential tool! 

2. Mr Yum Table Ordering

Using Mr Yum’s table ordering can be your secret weapon when you’re struggling to find great staff. Placing QR codes on tables for digital ordering allows you to service entire areas with a few staff, who will have more time on customer experience and building relationships instead of taking orders, entering them in the POS and manually processing payments. When your customers are choosing what to order, there are photos, dietary filters, specials... a whole bunch of awesome tools that create a world class ordering experience and increase the average order size by 20-40%. Apply now to speak to someone on the team.

3. Incentive bonuses

If you pay them, they will come! Some businesses, including Australian Venue Co., which operates 150+ pubs bars around Australia, began offering sign-on bonuses of up to $1,000 in an effort to attract awesome staff to their venues (you can read more about it here). If your budget permits, this tactic can help get potential workers on their feet and ready for shifts.