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Advanced Batching case study: The Crafty Squire

‘Our wait times have vanished through lunch and we're able to serve more people that way so it's more money in the till, like it's just a win-win situation’ - Rachel Vavricek, Venue Manager at The Crafty Squire

Rachel Vavricek is the venue manager at The Crafty Squire, an Australian Venue Co. pub located in the heart of Melbourne. It’s the home of the James Squire Brewhouse, the only working microbrewery in the CBD and is famous for its extensive range of craft beers. The Crafty Squire is extremely popular with office workers for lunch during the week and sports fans on weekends who watch games from around the globe over beers and a meal.

Rachel started at The Crafty Squire as a waitress in 2015 and has since worked her way up to now manage the busy venue that’s open daily from noon. 

She says implementing Advanced Batching at the venue has been “life-changing”.

Simple batching collates orders placed from the same table within a set time frame so they print on the one docket in the kitchen and/or bar.  

But Mr Yum’s world-first Advanced Batching technology allows venues to set multiple groups each with a different batching time - for instance setting a longer batching time for food, and a shorter, or even zero, batching time for drinks. It means drinks can be prepared and served before the food docket has been sent to the kitchen, resulting in happier customers and increased spend-per-head. 

Midweek lunches at The Crafty Squire are extremely popular with city workers and on Fridays the kitchen can serve more than 300 meals in the space of a couple of hours - “but customers don’t realise everyone else is ordering at the same time”.

Rachel says using Advanced Batching during busy lunch service is “epic”.

"Our wait times have vanished through lunch and we're able to serve more people that way so it's more money in the till, like it's just a win-win situation."

Advanced Batching allows venues to modify the batching times and menu segments to suit different times of the day and peak days of the week, a feature Rachel says is invaluable to manage workflows in the kitchen and bar.

“It’s been really good to set the bar order time separate from the food orders. You don’t mind running a single beer, it’s faster and customers love getting drinks quickly,” she says.

“You can get so critical about it as well.  You can split different times for Wed lunch, Friday lunch, Sat night dinner, Sun afternoon - every time is different.”

She says the next step will be to split out different batching times for cocktails and beers. 

“It’s really cool to have that flexibility,” she says. 

“It definitely allows us to enhance the customer experience.”

Watch this video on why she loves this feature for her venue