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Glosario - Glossary

Tapas/Pintxos ~ a small bite, served individually. Raciones ~ Raciones are ordered after having some tapas, great to share. Chimichurri ~ Traditional Argentine sauce to accompany chargrilled meats. It’s made primarily out of parsley, garlic, chilli and olive oil. Salsa criolla ~ Traditional condiment made out of chopped raw tomato, capsicum, onion, dried oregano and olive oil. Yerba Mate ~ Argentinian tea, symbol of hospitality. Dulce de leche ~ Homemade caramel made by cooking milk and sugar for a long period of time. Flan ~ Crème caramel made with eggs and sugar. Pisco ~ Unaged brandy made out of distilled grape juice originally from Peru. Mapucha spice ~ blend of spices such as cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, dried oregano, onion and garlic, originally from Chile.

Postres - Desserts

Extra Info

Opening Hours
We are open from 12 till late 7 days a week
On Public holidays there will be 10% on all food and beverage. Amex will attract a surcharge of 1.9% in addition to the final bill.

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