A Passion-ate Love Takes 2 To Mango - Anthropology Specialty Coffee. See Photos of Every Dish! Mr Yum

Extra, Extra! Eat All About It!

Maple beef bacon / Beef chorizo5
Kale / Fefta / Asparagus 4
Hollandaise sauce / Tomato relish 3
Avocado / Cherry tomato / Mushrooms4
Free range egg 3
Toast 2
Gf bread (2 slices) 3
Dukkah / Sauces 2

Food for Little Minions

Eggs on Toast
Scrambled, poached or fried egg on tiny toast7.9
Kids Toastie
Cheese and turkey ham toastie7.9
Lil Brownie Jr
Baby sized chocolate hotcake w/ vanilla ice cream, maple syrup & sprinkles9.9

You're Juice the Best

Cold Pressed Juices by Helping Humans
Cloudy Apple6.5
Orange Sky
orange, pineapple, lemon & turmeric6.9
Ruby Tuesday
Watermelon, Pear, Apple & Lime6.9
Blood Bank
beetroot, cucumber, ginger & green apple6.9
Super Green
kale, spinach, celery, lemon, cucumber, ginger & spirulina6.9

Extra Info

ABC, It's Easy As 123
V is for vegetarians VGN is for vegans VGO is for vegan option GF is for gluten free GFO is for gf option
We will try our best to accommodate allergies & dietary requirements, however, this may be difficult during busy hours and as such, cross contamination may occur. Please refrain from making changes to the menu during peak hours. We are not superhumans and we only live inside a tiny kitchen.
What's Supp-liers!
Preamble Coffee Roasters Schulz Organic Milk / Happy Soy Boy Anushka Chai / Konomi Matcha / Urban Blended Impala & Peacock Teas Hunted & Gathered Publique Bakery / Nine Bakery Happy Hens Free Range Eggs Madinah Meats / Red Coral Seafood Marydee Foodie / Manuko